Bright and shiny Christa Richmond (Amelia Rose Blaire) is at the top of her class
and the world.  She delivers the valedictory speech at her university
commencement, then heads home to celebrate and conquer the rest of the
universe…only to discover that the next 24 hours is the beginning of her real

Starting with a relationship crisis and a roadside emergency, Christa’s well-
organized plans unravel in funny and unexpected ways, beginning with a prickly tow-
truck guy (Rick Gonzalez) and discoveries from the family and friends that have
gathered for her graduation party.  Her loving but troubled parents (Marin Hinkle and
Arye Gross) cannot keep their struggles from erupting in ways that challenge
Christa’s security while her quirky grandparents (Alan Rachins and Jennifer Warren)
remind her that “people will surprise you” and that learning to dance through life’s
detours might be the best education of all.